I’m back!

hi everyone! sorry i haven’t been updating you with what’s going on lately- i’ve been so busy with work and then being tired i haven’t been very attentive to my panty lovers!

my camping panties went down a treat which was very good. unfortunately we will have to wait until spring now for some more (and there will be more because i love camping!) so will have to prepare some other special panties for you 🙂

also- it’s my birthday in just over one month’s time!! oh and i love pressies 😉 i have an amazon wishlist and a lovehoney wishlist and all birthday gifts i receive from my panty fans will get a gift in return as a thank you:

  • all gifts £10 and under will get special photos in return
  • all gifts over £10 will get special panties in return


i have some new panties and thongs on my site so please check those out- i have 3 new thongs and 4 panties up for grabs. here’s a sneaky peak:

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