update for my panty fans!

hello panty lovers!

just a quick message for you all. I know I haven’t posted for what feels like ages, but I am still here and I am still selling my used panties and other stuff. I didn’t want you all to think I’ve abandoned you all so just thought you’d all appreciate a hello!

so if you need anything just email me as usual at pussykatspurringpanties@hotmail.co.uk


Special Offers!

just to remind you all, I am still running my special panty packages offer 🙂

i have 5 various panty packages available for £20 and 5 for £30:

you can pick whichever panties you like! or i can choose a random pair for you

for £20 you can have:

no. 1- 1x panty/thong worn for 2 days and masturbated in + a set of 5 photos


no.2- 1x panty/thong pussy stuffed+ a set of 5 photos


no.3- 2x panties/ thongs both masturbated in


no.4- 1x panty/thong masturbated in + special set of 20 photos of my pussy


no.5- 1x panty/thong + 1x used pantyliner + a pussy pop

for £30 you can have:

no.6- 1x panty/thong pussy stuffed + 10 revealing photos + a pussy pop


no.7- 2x panties/thongs both masturbated in + 10x revealing photos


no.8- 1x panty/ thong worn for 3 days + 10x revealing photos


no.9- 2x panties/thongs both worn for 2 days


no.10- 1x panty/thong worn for 2 days + masturbated in + 10 photos of me masturbating in the panties

payment is amazon gift certificate (worldwide) or bank transfer (uk only)


Panty Update

hi pantyboys!

sorry I haven’t been very attentive to my site or twitter account lately- I have just moved away and started university so life has been pretty busy and hectic lately which has meant I have neglected you all 😦

but don’t worry- I am still selling so don’t hesitate to contact me for anything and keep a look out for new panties, new photosets and maybe even a panty giveaway! 🙂



camping panties special!

hey panty fans!

i’m off on a camping trip tomorrow and have a very special offer for you all:

i’m away for 4 days so I have two pairs of panties available each worn for 2 days, both masturbated in (because where’s the fun in camping without a bit of sexy time) and a set of 5 revealing photos of me in my tent or walking in the woods 🙂 🙂

these panties would normally cost around £29 each but they are available for £24 each with all the extras described above. they also include free uk postage but international postage is an extra £4

here are the two pairs of panties- 1 panty and 1 thong both cotton:

IMG_4825 (2)


fill in the form if you would like them 🙂 xxpussykat